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Customer service is not a


We at LyonLux Motors have the vision to be a dynamic company tailoring every business after you as a customer. We want you to feel safe from the first contact until you get back satisfied and ready for your next meeting.

    – As a customer of ours, you are protected by the consumer purchasing law!!



We go through extensive education so we can provide you with the knowledge you need to make a wise decision in the choice of vehicles that suit your lifestyle.


  • Here to help you Buy a vehicle and to Sell or trade in your vehicle.
  • Very Competitive Prices, We Can Keep Low Prices.
  • Swedish-sold cars with good history.
  • At least 6 months warranty.
  • Personal service, Our customers are always at the center.
  • Give you the knowledge you need to make the right decision when choosing a car that suits your lifestyle.
  • Free home delivery



You are welcome to call or come and talk with us, see cars or test drives.

We will of course trade-in your current car and help you find your new dream car. Whether it’s an exclusive sports car or a safe and reliable family car you are looking for you will find it at LyonLux Motors. This at very competitive prices accompanied by a personal service.

With the cooperation of some car companies around Sweden we can find your next car or sell your car quickly, Easy and at Very Competitive Prices.

Because we have short storage times on our cars, we recommend our customers to call to check that the vehicle or a seller is in place before you visit us.
More and more customers choose home delivery today – A convenient way to buy a car! This does not cost anything extra.

We focus on the customer in everything we do and aim to have the most satisfied customers in the industry therefore, we can almost always guarantee a better deal. With warehouses we have managed to reduce our costs This enables us to keep low prices for our customers.



What’s your car worth? Receive the absolute best value for your vehicle. We handle all paperwork. Schedule your appointment today!

Our cars are delivered in good condition with a 6 month warranty. We also offer home delivery at no additional cost!

Press contact us Write to us your wishes and fill in the information. We will contact you ASAP!

Or call us on 070283475